The Transformation of the Military-Industrial Complex. Evolution, Influence and Human Rights Violations within Homeland Security

Jordi Calvo Rufanges, Xavier Bohigas, Teresa de Fortuny, Ainhoa Ruiz Benedicto, Felip Daza, Carlos Díaz and John Andrew Carter Jr. 2018

There is a transformation of the military-industrial complex towards products and services that directly respond to the needs identified by Homeland Security doctrines. A new market within an emerging sector is merging military and security companies with highly advanced technological production companies.

This new and dynamized military and security sector takes the role of architect of the expansion of the doctrine itself, which justifies military and security budgeting for the development of products and technologies aimed at the militarization of borders, management of populations and the development of a cybersecurity paradigm that incorporates the monitoring and control of civilian data by private companies.

This report also analyses the implication and consecuences of Private Military and Security Companies’ (PMSCs) activities on Human Rights, in different sectors and operational contexts.

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